BIOTEHGEN – Microbial Biotechnology Centre

Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Environmental protection


National projects:
- CEEX P-CD with the acronym HIDROCEL no. 61-036/2007, Development of a technology to obtain an enzymatic complex for the hidrolysis of lignocellulosic materials used in the biogas production - project manager;
- CEEX P-CD with the acronym PREVSISTOX no. 87/01.08.2006, Development of a prevention system for the contamination with toxinogene fungi in agrifood products through predictive microbiology and molecular biology techniques - project partner;
- CEEX P-CD with the acronym ELECTROCHIMAT no. 309/2006, Research studies on the electrochemical sintesys of micro and nanocomposites for sustainability applications - project partner;
- CEEX P-CD with the acronym ECOTECH no. 72/01.08.2006, Unpolluting technologies for the full usage of vinification wastes to obtain products with high economic value - project partner;
- CEEX with the acronym LIPOSAN no. 11/07.10.2005, Technologies for obtaining bioproducts with lypolitical activities by biosyntesis and processing of indigenous medicinal plants (2005-2008) - project partner;
- AGRAL with the acronym ASIGENZ no. 4473/2004, Research studies on obtaining and assuring the quality of an enzymatic product for zootechnical purpose in order to remove the antinutritional factors (2004-2006) - project manager;
- CALIST with the acronym ECOLEG no. 5105/2004, Analysis and control methods for the characterisation of organic vegetables in conformity with the European legislation (2004-2006) - project manager.

International projects:
- Project with World Bank: Complex technology for valorification of waste in zootechnical farms for the promotion of sustainable agriculture in Romania(2003-2005) - project manager;
- European project European - LEONARDO: Training students in the field of biotechnology with agri-food applications(2004-2005) - project manager;
- Scientifical collaboration project with the Novisad University, Faculty of Zootechnics, Serbia, Influence of probiotics and prebiotics on broiler production and morphofunctional characteristics of small intestine(2005-2007) - project manager;
- Scientifical collaboration project with the Novisad University, Serbia, Technology for Processing Feed, Safe for Animals, People and Environment (2006-2008) - project manager

- Green Education for Green Biotech Enterprise (GREENBE) - Four higher education institutions (HEIs) are involved in the partnership. Three of them (UASVM Bucharest-Romania, UP Valencia-Spain and UniPerugia-Italy) are providers of Biotechnological educational programs, and one (RAU, Romania) is a private university providing Business education. The consortium is joined by a Research&Education Center (MAICh, Greece) accredited as a provider for Master level education in the Agri-Food and Business areas. In addition, a Romanian NGO (CBM), oriented toward professional training and consultancy in biotech and environmental topics, is completing the partnership.